Some misconceptions about dogs are required to be cleaned among human beings. How many weird facts do you know about dogs? If you are an owner of a sweet, adorable or fierce dog, then you should know these weirdest facts as essential ones.

Just have a look into these seven weirdest facts about the dogs that will amaze you surely.


Dogs can see colors: If like others, you think that dogs are color blind, then you are mistaken. Your dog can see colors and understand them. But it is true that their sense of color distinction is not like human beings.

dog 1

Unbelievable breeding ability: Do you know that never spaying or neutering can enlarge the dog family? It is said that if dogs are never spayed, a female dog, the mate and their puppies can give birth to more than sixty six thousand dogs in the next six years. In fact, the United States of America has the highest population of dogs in the world.

dog 2

Too mature: A dog of only one year is as matured, intelligent, and physically able as a human being of fifteen years.

dog 3

Survivals: You must have heard about the accident of ‘The Titanic’. Three of the dogs were alive in the ship are named – a Newfoundland, a Pomeranian, and a Pekingese.

dog 4

The oldest breed and the smartest: It is believed that the oldest breed of the dogs is the ‘Saluki’, trained by the Egyptians, mainly for the tracking of games. The smartest dogs of the world are referred as the Golden Retriever, the Border Collie, and the Poodle.

dog 5

Judgment: Dogs judge things not just by smelling. They are known to judge things by movement first, then with the brightness, and finally with the shape.

dog 6

Heartbeats: Dogs’ hearts beat one hundred and twenty times every minute and that is fifty percent faster than human beings on average.

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