Haircuts make everyone look better. But some of these haircuts may be so crazy that will make you look worse rather weird. Here are some of the funniest hairstyles you will hardly come by ever.

Spider haircut

Spider haircut: How would you feel if you have spider on your head? Yes, it is possible. Spider haircuts are too awkward to look at. But if you want to look weird, go for it.

 Gecko haircut

Gecko haircut: Do you love lizard or chameleon? Then nothing can be better than this one for you. Men with love for weird favourites can try this one. And that tail at the end will make you look more attractive.

 Tomato haircut

Tomato haircut: Are you in love with tomato rather vegetables? Then this haircut is just perfect for you.

 Pineapple haircut

Pineapple haircut: Fruit lovers can try this definitely for some weird as well as exotic feeling. The king of the fruits is here. Pineapple on your head will make you look like ‘fruit king’. Would you like to try it?

 Face haircut

Face haircut: You can make anyone’s face your haircut. Choose your favourite actor, footballer, or cartoon character. In fact, you can choose your own face to be drawn on the head. Quite innovative idea it is. What do you think?

 Tennis ball haircut

Tennis ball haircut: If you are a tennis lover, then this one will be the best one for you. Go to any well-known hair salon and get your desired ‘Tennis ball’ haircut. Hope you will love it.


Lady Gaga’s style: This pop singer is famous all over the world and none can beat her in weird dressing style and her unique hairstyles. This hat is made of her hair and you can try it if you are an ardent lover of Lady Gaga and her style.

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