We all have a few hacks to get us through our days. Whether it is working at the office or at home in the kitchen. Wouldn’t it be great if we know a few body hacks too? In today’s hectic lives when the body is ignored a few of these hacks could help us all feel better and get on track with the daily grind.




In case of a toothache if ice is rubbed in the area between the thumb and index finger that is webbed, then the pain intensity subsides.

Exam Worries


If an exam or test is giving rise to stress, then it is helpful to jot down your feelings on a paper. Studies have revealed that those who practise this excercise score higher in exams.

Blisters and Cuts


If a broken blister is giving you anxiety and you are out of antiseptic, then an easy hack is to apply a few drops of mouthwash such as Listerine as it has strong antiseptic properties.

Face the Right Way


When at a noisy place you want to hear someone, it is recommended to give them your right ear. It has been found that left ear is good at hearing music and sounds while the right ear can pick up words effectively.

Getting Giddy?


If you start to feel dizzy after having a few too many, you know, those helicopters are swirling..! Just place both hands on something stable and hard and start directly ahead. This anchoring is all that’s required to regain your balance.

Touch of the Butterflies


If you are suffering from nervousness before an important event such as an interview, then taking a “high power” stance during the interview is recommended as this boosts testosterone levels and raises the confidence. Basically the way you sit in the chair can subconsciously affect the way you speak and act. Don’t hide away and cower in the chair, be open and forthcoming.

Hail Marys


If you hurt your toe while walking or trip over a doorstep, then it is ok to curse out loud as it has been shown that swearing has can reduce the immediate pulses of pain.

Sleep On the “Right” Side



After a hearty meal always sleep on your left side. Science has proven that sleeping on the right places your stomach at a higher level than the oesophagus thus making food and bile to travel back towards the throat.

Smile When You’re Angry


When in a bad mood put a pencil in the mouth as this activates the same muscles used while smiling. This tricks the brain into mood boosting your mood and getting you back to your shiny happy self.

Nose Bleeds


In case of a nose bleed, place the paper or cotton wool on the upper gum exactly below the small dent of the nose and press it hard. Since the blood is from the cartilage wall dividing the nose, this technique prevents further bleeding.

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