7 Weirdest Animals From Around The World

The world is full of weird and wonderful creatures. Here are a few of what we thought were the most interesting and unbelievable. Leafy Seadragon Found in Australia, these have been named after the dragons of Chinese mythology. They resemble quite closely little pieces of wandering seaweed as you will find them floating around in water […]

7 Unusual Amusement Parks From All Over The World

  Recreation, refreshment and a whole lotta fun and nerves, these are the selling points of any would be amusement park. However, not all parks are made the same. Here are some of the stranger amusement parks from around the globe. Action Park in New Jersey This park has been famous, or rather infamous, for its […]

10 Most Expensive Weddings of All Times

Weddings are always a grand occasion where people go all out to celebrate their once in a lifetime memorable day in the presence of all the loved ones including family and friends. Thus invariably wedding turns out to be an expensive occasion but some people go all out as far as wedding expenses are concerned. […]

9 Budget Friendly Travel Destinations

Travel is on almost everyone’s mind and many push it away since it burns a deep hole in the pocket. For them we have listed a few travel destinations that are easy on the pocket. The places have been considered budget friendly taking into account the cost of a night at a hostel, three meals, […]