7 Weirdest Cameras From Around The Globe

Before cell phones were in everyone’s pocket, a lot of people spent hundreds of dollars on awesome cameras (well, they were at the time). But have you heard about these ones we are listing below? Let’s take a look. Your idea of photography may well change Ubi-camera This camera works with your hand gestures and […]

The 8 Best Eco-friendly Homes

Eco-friendly is one of the most popular catchphrases of the past decade. However, the term, if taken seriously and acted upon, can make huge differences to the Earths’s fast shrinking resources. Eco-friendly homes are the latest offering which recycle the most and use natures friendliest construction materials to ensure the house uses the minimum amount […]

8 Books That Made Accurate Predictions Of The Future

  Books are often a source of inspiration and introduction to a world different from the one you live in. Sometimes books or rather authors unwittingly make predictions of the future in their books which come true. Some of these predictions could be significant while others might not be but they did come true nonetheless. […]