The 8 Most Expensive Cars In The World

If you ask any guy what is the one thing they would buy or dream of buying if they won a multi-million dollar lottery, then the most common answer would be a car. The fastest, the latest, the most luxurious or the most expensive. So, just for you guys we are listing some of the most expensive […]

10 Celebrities Who Own Private Islands

Would it not be lovely to go on vacation as and when you want? All you have to do is to sit in a jet and fly to your own private island when you fancy it. You can relax and get refreshed instead of facing the usual day to day grind. The thought that you […]

7 Lost Child Stars Of Hollywood

The Hollywood film industry gives birth to many stars, large and small, many of them were kids at the time of their fame but have seen the fame eroded over time. Here is a list of seven such lost child stars. Giorgio Cantarini   Two Academy Award winning movies, ‘Life is Beautiful’ and ‘Gladiator’, were in […]

7 of the Coolest Pens In The World

Pens are so useful in our daily life. You can never find one when you need one. They are one of lifes greatest gadgets. Here are seven types of coolest pens from around the globe Jackpot Pen Yes you can win a jackpot when you are bored in the office! Push the pen to find how […]