There are many strange animals found all over the world that constantly amaze us. Here is a list of 8 of the strangest animals that do really exist.

Goblin Shark


This shark is so rare that it is even called a ‘living fossil’. It can live to one hundred and twenty five years old and the only survivor of the Mitsukurinidae family. This monster lives in deep water but so is not a worry to beachgoers or surfers.

Penis Snake


Atretochoanaeiselti is the actual name of this eyeless amphibian snake. The common name comes from its fleshy and flat head appearance that resembles a you know what!

Batfish with Red Lips


This fish is a very incompetent swimmer and with the help of its pectoral fins is just ablout able to walk on the seafloor. As with some of earth’s weirder creatures it can be found around the Galapagos Islands.

Panda Ant


These wingless female of the Mutillidae family is well known for one of the more painful insect stings and is commonly known as the cow ant. The black and white beauty is called the Panda Ant for obvious reasons.

Humming Hawk Moth


This hawk moth lives looks and acts just like a Humming Bird. Hence the name! It creates a high pitch humming sound and feasts on nectar also.

The Pacu Fish

BRAZIL: Close up of a Pacu's teeth. Pacu fish, cousins to the piranha and known as "frugivores," have human-like teeth that can crack nuts and fruits. In the Amazon regions, the biggest threat to the Pacu is commercial fishing. (photo credit © Julia Dorn)

These fish have very similar pearly whites to human beings in their lower jaws. The fishermen of Guinea are very wary of these nashers presence in water.

Blue Parrotfish


In the Atlantic Ocean you can find these blue beauties who spend most of the day in search of food.

Sea Pigs


The Scotoplanes are mostly found in the depths of more than 1000mof the the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. They get their food from organic particles in the mud of the sea. Not the best looking of God’s creations I’m sure you will agree,

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