Before cell phones were in everyone’s pocket, a lot of people spent hundreds of dollars on awesome cameras (well, they were at the time). But have you heard about these ones we are listing below? Let’s take a look. Your idea of photography may well change



This camera works with your hand gestures and it is quite complicated to us. You can move the view-finder nearer or closer to your face for wider or close-up shots.

Gun Shaped Digital Camera


Franzisk Dierschke designed and created this camera to give the user a different experience of taking pictures. But to this day it has remained a concept only for himself.

DSLR Camera in the Shape of a Periscope


Yaniv Berg designed the commonly known DSLR in a shape of periscope add-on. You can use it for taking pictures with your cell phone.

Descriptive Camera


Matt Richardson has taken on the world photography with a descriptive camera. This marvel presents a description of the scene that it is seeing. It says what it sees. The pictures taken by this camera are printed with the help of thermal printer.



This is again a conceptual camera which claims to be entirely different to anything on the market before it. It is designed as a rotary telephone booth with a built in camera. You dial the cell/molile number of a friend and it takes and sends the photo to them. Great for parties and get-togethers.

Third Eye and Yama


Wayne Martin Belger created one of the most unique cameras that you can see ever in your life.



This superb camera was designed by Eric Siu for people who suffer from social anxiety disorder. The user has to put on this helmet like camera with goggles. Each and every shot becomes more meaningful than the usual ones with ‘Touchy’.  Touchy becomes the person wearing the device who will be blind most of the time. That is until you touch their skin. Once contact is made they are able to take photos for you.

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