The world is full of weird and wonderful creatures. Here are a few of what we thought were the most interesting and unbelievable.

Leafy Seadragon

Leafy Sea Dragon (Phycodurus eques). Camoflaged against sea grass. Bremer Bay, Western Australia, Southern Ocean.

Found in Australia, these have been named after the dragons of Chinese mythology. They resemble quite closely little pieces of wandering seaweed as you will find them floating around in water that is populated with a lot of with seaweed. They are found in orange, green and gold hues and are enveloped with leaf-like appendages and surely make a wonderful camouflage.

Sun Bear


These bears are chiefly found in Southeast Asia’s tropical rainforest. They are around 4ft tall and they are the smallest member belonging to the bear family as they weigh up to only 145 lb.

Komondor Dog

3 Komondor Dog

A male Komondorok is around 28 inches while adult females average are around 27 inches. They are an uncommon breed of dog. They come with a weirdly corded heavy white coat that resembles closely dreadlocks.

Angora Rabbit

4 AngoraRabbits1-600x400

These are found in great varieties and come with soft, long hair. They are known to be the oldest form of domestic rabbit and are widely found in the Ankara region of Turkey. These rabbits are usually bred for their long wool which, with tim, is mostly removed through the approach of plucking (gently) or shearing.

Red Panda

5 Red Panda

This is a herbivorous mammal and is a bit lighter in weight than most domestic cats, being around 55cm in length.  They have semi-retractile claws and also have a so called ‘false thumb’ that is the wrist bone’s extension. They are natives of the Himalayas and also quite commonly found in the South China region.


6 Sloth-3

These mammals are medium sized and commonly fund around the South and Central American regions and belong to the Bradypodidae and Megalonychidae families. They are mostly omnivores and feed on small carrion, insects and lizards and also eat tender shoots, buds and small leaves.

White-faced Saki Monkey

7 White-faced Saki Monkey

Also known as Pithecia,the White-faced Saki is not a common sight and belongs to the new breed of monkey which is generally found in and around Venezuela, Brazil, French Guiana, Suriname and Guyana region. They mostly eat nuts, fruits, insects and seeds.


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