All ladies love to have a multitude of different styles of handbags and purses. Here we will run through some of the strangest looking purses and handbags from around the world. Check out these weird but amazing handbags and purses.


Life size dog purse

Are you a dog lover? Then this purse is going to be the best choice for you. Most of your favorite breeds will be literally by your side as you go about your daily chores.



Ugly toad bag

This angry toad is one of a kind handbag. It is for those of you who love to show their uniqueness. Only for the extravagant among us. Will certainly turn a few heads and get tongues wagging.


Decapitated heads in a purse

This is the weirdest among all the bags we are showing here. The decapitated heads of men are designed in a purse bag. It is not known whether real heads were used in the making of these! This purse is available in three different colors, like white, brown, and skin color

Chicken Feet Handbag


You can make this handbag stand on its own ‘chicken feet’. Take this to any party and you will either be laughed out of the room of be the center of attention.

Armadillo Handbag


Do you want to show off your style with this popular bag. Are you a fan of South American mammals? Then it is a perfect one for you.

Computer keyboard hand bag



If you are a tech savvy, this computer keyboard handbag is made for your unique style. Get your friends to type while you chat.

Guitar Handbag


Show off your love for music with this guitar handbag. You can personalize it with the name of your favorite band of guitarist too. A great present for the pickers among you.

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