Pens are so useful in our daily life. You can never find one when you need one. They are one of lifes greatest gadgets. Here are seven types of coolest pens from around the globe

Jackpot Pen


Yes you can win a jackpot when you are bored in the office! Push the pen to find how lucky you are.

Monopolly Pinball Pen


You can play pinball or write a novel. Buy it and decide.

The Spike Cactus Pen


Wouldn’t you just love one of these? Put on its plant pot like cap and place it on your table like a cactus tree.

Lipstick Pen


Open the colored cap and turn the base, your pen is ready to write with.

Pull My Finger Pen

pull my finger

You can work with it seriously but pull the lid you will get a hilarious fart sound.

Astronaut Pen


You can call it a ‘flying pen’. When you put the lid on the pen and press the base, the pen will fly to long distance.

Cigarette Pen


‘Smoking is harmful to youro health’, but writing with a four inch long cigarette pen is always fun.

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