When you are travelling to a new destination the most delicious part of the trip includes dining out on several types of mouthwatering food in different eateries. But have you ever thought to try out foods at some of the more bizarre restaurants the world has to offer?

Here are five strange and unique restaurants from all over the world

Devil Island Prison Restaurant:

Devil Island Prison Restaurant


This strikingly different jail themed restaurant is in China where you will be served food in the prison like atmosphere. It is the idea by the owner of this place to make people afraid of the life of a criminal. So, you can call this place made for increasing awareness of people to stay a happy life without any criminal offense. You will be led to the table with handcuffs with serving of coffin shaped bread. Each of the tables is surrounded by the prison bars and the waiters are present in black and white stripe dresses like criminals.

A 380 In-Flight Kitchen:

A 380 In-Flight Kitchen

Do you like food while traveling on air? But you must have a deep hatred for all the mandatory long process of checking, security movements and the expensive fare for your journey. But when you are here in A380 In-Flight Kitchen no such problem will bother you. In Taipei, you will get the perfect airplane like atmosphere in this restaurant. The windows are oval shaped just as they are in the planes. The speckled seats in blue color, baggage compartments, seat belts and the headrests – all are present in the restaurant. The waitresses here are dressed up as flight attendants. And most importantly, you will get the best food items here to choose.

Dinner in the sky:

Dinner in the sky

Have an enjoyable dinner while hanging from one hundred and fifty feet distance from the ground. You will be dangling with the help of a crane. The ‘Dinner in the sky’ is located in Belgium which serves you delicious food like ham salad and sautéed prawns. You will be seated on the chairs tied with seat belts. The experience is great indeed. Food quality is good and the rest depends on you how you react to such atmosphere.

Treehouse café in Auckland:

When you are in New Zealand with your family or your friends, you will find this place great for a fantastic feeling of tree life. Wine, fries, baked food and other different types of foods are served here. But you have to take it for a party or some small occasion. This café is available on rent for parties as well as private dinners.

Ninja in New York:

Ninja in New York

The most creative one among New York’s restaurants is the Ninja Restaurants. You will be led to the restaurant through a dark secret path, and a dungeon like cell is in front of you. Meals will be served with Ninja tricks here.

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