Would it not be lovely to go on vacation as and when you want? All you have to do is to sit in a jet and fly to your own private island when you fancy it. You can relax and get refreshed instead of facing the usual day to day grind. The thought that you can go to your own island anytime you wish sounds amazing in itself but the anticipation of arriving there can by itself reduce any stress. For most of us this might sound like a daydream but for some celebrities this is reality. They have their own islands where they can head off to any time they feel the urge. A few celebrities who own private islands are listed below.

  1. Eddie Murphy


The actor first purchased an island called Pearl in the Bahamian Cay but sold it to purchase another island in 2007 called Rooster Cay. The island, close to Nassau, is of 15 acres and is a profitable piece of land for future resorts.

  1. Nicolas Cage


The actor bought an island in 2006 called Leaf Cay. He wanted to develop this island, which was located close to Nassau. But since the island was a habitat for Iguana species, which are endangered, he was refused permission. He sold the island for close to $7 million which had been purchased for $3 million.

  1. Mel Gibson


Mel Gibson bought an island in Fiji in 2005 called Mago Island. The island is about 5,400 acres and was purchased for $15 million. The actor did not give into the trend of converting the island into a resort and has instead preserved the original natural environment of the place.

  1. Tyler Perry


Tyler Perry, in 2009, bought an island in the Bahamas called White Bay Cay. He developed the 25 acres land to build a bungalow for himself and guests and even plans on building a spa, marina and a tennis court. This is his second island purchase.

  1. David Copperfield


David Copperfield owns not one but four private islands in the Bahamas which overall cost around $50 million. Of these four, one island called as Musha Cay serves as a resort. The resort includes villas, a movie theatre and 24 hour on call service along with an on demand firework show and stay costs $37,000 per night.

  1. Pamela Anderson


The actress was gifted an island in Dubai in an effort to woo her by her ex-husband Tommy Lee. As of 2008 the actress was planning on developing an eco-friendly resort there but that is the last update heard about the island.

  1. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw


Goat Bay is the name of the private island owned by the power couple Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. The island is situated in Exumas in the Bahamas and has scenic, developed beaches and trails and sounds like a perfect getaway destination.

  1. Shakira


Along with her friends Roger Islands and Alejandro Sanz, singer Shakira purchased an island called Bonds Cay in the Bahamas. The island is 700 acres and cost approximately $16 million. The island boasts of private beaches, luxury hotel chains and art galleries and in the future the singer plans to make it into a retreat for artists.

  1. Johnny Depp


The handsome actor owns an island in Exumas called Little Hall Pond. The actor filmed for Pirates of the Caribbean there and loved the beautiful island to such an extent that he purchased it for $3.6 million.

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio


The star in 2005 bought a 104 acre island by the Barrier Reef. The island cost $1.75 million and is situated between Belize and Ambergris Caye. The actor plans to open a green hotel on the property and keep it open to the public.

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